• December 13, 2021

Space experts Confirm Existence of “Calm” Quasars

Ages back, the universe was unique: consolidations of worlds were normal and tremendous dark openings with masses comparable to billions of times that of the Sun framed in their cores. As they caught the encompassing gas, these dark openings discharged energy. Known as quasars, these exceptionally far off and colossally high energy objects have nearby…

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Eliminate ATM Fees When Traveling

ATM fees can really add up — especially if you’re traveling for weeks or months at a time. Let’s think about it: While you’re on the road, you will probably withdraw money from an ATM twice a week. Fees vary around the world, but on average you end up paying around $3-5 USD per withdrawal.…

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Avoid Credit Card Fees While Traveling

The next major fee we need to get rid of is the credit card foreign transaction fee. Most credit cards charge a 3% fee on purchases made overseas. That can add up since most of us use our credit card for everything. It’s become a lot more common for credit cards to waive that fee…

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